Apologies and new links.

Wow, apparently scandal is the best advertising. I just got a record number of hits after dropping a flamelet two days ago, on my last post. For those who read my previous post regarding the Global Balkans interview with Tariq Ali, I irresponsibly alleged that the interviewer was Andrej Grubacic, a casual acquiantance of mine from Belgrade; that he was representing himself as a larger organization (a tactic I’m jumpy about since the Crimethinc’s “Days of War…” fiasco), as well as claiming that he had done so repeatedly in the past. The interview was, in fact, conducted by (female) Montreal members of the authentically international group Global Balkans, who, unlike my idiotic self, but like Grubacic, are actually from the Balkans. Consequently, I received an email from the unfairly accused Grubacic chastizing my “eurocentric, gendered, orientalist and colonial” behavior. As an explation-but-not-excuse, Grubacic has penned many recent Znet postings on the Balkans, and, in addition, the email in which I received the interview had been forwarded by him, making his name appear to my careless eyes as the by-line. Nonetheless, I fucked up, and carelessly undermined the very kind of networking and critical work which I claim to advocate. Whatever my differences in opinion from both Mr. Grubacic and some of the opinions expressed in the Tariq Ali interview, I sincerely apologize to both Mr. Grubacic and the Global Balkans collective, and commend their work.

As the responsible blogger’s work lies in critiquing ideas, rather than people (particularly falsely), I will try to polish up and post a critique to the Tariq Ali interview within the next few days. As I said before, though I disagree with what I see as a somewhat conspiratorial analysis, Ali has important insights on the terrible threat of neo-liberalism in the Balkans, the catastrophic 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, and the effect this action had on bringing many left/liberals to a very pro-war stance – a central factor in the selling of the Iraq invasion. Also, I am tempted to respond to the Grubacic/Plavsic debate on Kosovo linked above, but as I already feel like a jerk, my previous postings on the situation in Kosovo are probably enough to make my objections obvious. It is definately worth reading for an idea of the spectrum of eloquent radical left opinions on Kosovo!

By the way, I haven’t seen a single response posted by anybody reading these! Don’t let me off so easy!!!


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