Alter-Sufflization, weird books, and Tariq Ali on the Balkans.

As the previous posts have all been heavy-handed analysis, I figured I’d break things up a bit before I get into it.

First, I just found another blog called “Suffled how it gush,” by this American peace-corp-er named Julie, volunteering in some unnamed village in Albania. She hasn’t posted in nearly a year, when she posted an endearing little story about getting stuck in what she calls a ‘Turkish toilet.” I always remember Turkish toilets having these nice little hoses affixed inside the seat, with a handy faucet handle to control flow. Her toilet sounds more like a totalitarian novelty-gag. Then, just after escaping her Kafka-Stalin stall, she manages to dash off one line about some earthquake. Never to be heard from again. Sad, to think of the well-intentioned American peace-corps volunteer meeting such an untimely fate. Turkish toilets and earthquakes, one shudders at the meeting…

I will not be relinquishing my own franchise of the aforesaid Albanian water-bottle label, nor suing Julie through the WTO for infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. Now is as good a time as ever to get used to duplication, so we’re ready once the inter/global population tops 20 billion, and there’s 5 blogs for every conceivable name.


I also had to share with you some of the titles off the bookshelf of the clinical pharmacology unit in which I’m currently residing. They only affirm my notions of Tacoma’s intriguing glory:

Klan-Destine Relationship: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan. By “Grammy Award winning pianist” Daryl Davis. Click on the name to check out the cover. I mean, seriously, click on it.

UNDERSTANDING RUNAWAY INFLATION And What To Do About It: An Investor’s Guide to Inflation Hedges. Revised-Updated 1979 Edition. By Jerome F. Smith.

SANCTUARY: Challenge to the Churches (A Symposium.) The Institute on Religion and Democracy, Washington D.C. From the days when u.s. churches saw it as their Christian duty to shelter those accused of terrorism by the state, rather than torture them. Perhaps it helps if the victims are Christian, however syncretic.


(Tariq Ali response temporarily deleted – See above post)


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